Praise for “Here and Gone Again”-

Pure M Magazine (Ireland’s music, art’s, and culture magazine)-

“The Resonant Rogues certainly know how to use music to encourage fun and excitement. Here and Gone Again is a pleasant and accessible collection of songs whose sunny and optimistic disposition all but guarantee a good time while listening.”-Dave Simpson

Link to full review here

Folk Radio UK-

“With plenty here to appeal to a variety of folk-based musical tastes while still maintaining a core band identity, it bodes well for a very promising future. “-Mike Davies

Link to full review here

Folk & Tumble-

The Resonant Rogues meld gypsy jazz and old-time Appalachian string music with some devilish fiddling on their latest offering ‘Here and Gone Again'” –GERRY MCNALLY

Link to full review here

Seven Days Vermont-

“Here & Gone Again, the new album from Asheville, N.C.’s the Resonant Rogues, is worldly affair. The record draws on elements of Balkan music, French manouche and traditional New Orleans jazz. Despite that lively sonic wanderlust, the Rogues manage never to stray too far from home, grounding their globetrotting sound in rustic Appalachian roots.”

Other Press-

No Depression- 

“Their intense cohesion is so intertwined that it feels like they’re playing with one pair of hands. Harmonies seem to pour from one set of lungs. On the street, you might think they’re a quartet of hipster kids. Onstage, the fluency they wield for their craft (or, I should say “crafts”) is impressive, in that understated kind of “come close and listen up,” kind of way. No doubt a thing they’ve honed playing on the street. But while some busking just doesn’t translate into a listening room, these guys bring the spirits of Django Reinhart and Squirrel Nut Zippers along to mingle throughout their set. ” -Kim Ruehl

Link to article here

Style Weekly-

“Want to hear the melting pot that’s the ongoing cultural experiment known as the United States of America? Then you should listen to the Resonant Rogues. The Asheville, N.C., group blends Balkan, klezmer, gypsy, hot jazz and old-time influences to create a genre-blending music that couldn’t happen anywhere else.” –Chris Bopst

Charleston City Paper

“The Resonant Rogues are a real treat. If you’re in the mood for something groovy, a little off-kilter, and altogether fun to listen to, then you need to familiarize yourself with this Asheville band immediately. Go ahead. I’ll wait. OK. Welcome back. First off, was I right, or was I right? If you checked out the band’s most recent work, April’s Swing Set EP, then you know exactly what I’m talking about here. You have to love the lumbering gypsy-jazz pacing of “When I’m Gone,” or the way the acoustic guitar, violin, and accordion all meld together seamlessly on tracks like “What Lies Ahead.” Of course, maybe your favorite part was when vocalist, banjoist, and accordion player Sparrow added sassy, almost seductive lines like “He’s got the most nice everything in town” on the ragtime-style track “Most Nice,” or when she showed off her French on “Douce Ambiance.” There’s a lot to like here, especially since The Resonant Rogues sound like a gleefully unplugged street band just trying to give you another reason to enjoy your summer night out. This is fine entertainment, so stop reading this, and go discover your new favorite band now. In addition to a performance on the laid-back grounds of Awendaw Green, the band will also play on Thurs. July 10 at The Mill in North Charleston and Fri. July 11 on Folly Beach at Chico Feo. —Brian Palmer NEXT WEDNESDAY”

Link to article here…

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Saranac Lake Weekender-


Mountain Xpress-

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