With a plethora of diverse influences, the Resonant Rogues write songs that transcend genres. Their meaningful lyrics and infectious melodies will catch your ear and move your feet. Gypsy jazz and traditional eastern European music blend seamlessly with American folk traditions like old-time, blues, and vintage hot jazz. Their music has found it’s way into many different kinds of venues- from rowdy bars to quiet listening rooms,  from belly dance conventions to circus variety shows, from the local DIY space to the local jazz club, the Resonant Rogues thrive wherever they are given the opportunity. The RR’s perform as a 2-4 piece band depending on the situation.


After spending the winter in New Orleans, soaking up the inspiration of that magical city, the RR’s have recorded two new EP’s focusing on two of their biggest influences.   One album, entitled “Swing Set”  is a mixture of original and traditional swing tunes.    The other, “Go East, Young Band” draws from around the balkan region of south east Europe, with songs from Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey, as well as a traditional klezmer tune and an original instrumental.   You can listen to all three of their albums HERE

3 Responses to Home

  1. eratner says:

    Is that handsome and talented bass player in the photo playing with you in sf?

  2. Jody Branch says:

    Hi there! We were in Seattle recently standing in the original Starbucks line while The Resonant Rogues were playing. You were AWESOME!!! I am KICKING myself for not purchasing a CD or CDs! Can I buy them now somehow?
    Thank you,

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